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C?MO bronzing us?, tips whenever our skin is exposed to sunlight must protect us. With hats, clothing (clear shirts, long pants), sunglasses, and with creams that contain reliable solar filters.We must free ourselves from obsession by Tan, and especially the Tan fast. And if we have teenage children, raise their awareness of the absolute need to protect themselves from the Sun. Fast Tan always has a risk, because exposure to the Sun, as we know, must be gradual, never more than 20 minutes followed, preferably moving, never during lunch time (between 11 and 15 hours), and with special care the first days.It is necessary to always use sunscreens for maximum protection to the principle (from 15), and apply again every two hours.For does optimum results from the use of a sunscreen, need to follow four basic rules:? Apply the sunscreen at home, never on the beach or in the pool.? & nbs p; Do about skin well dry.? Apply it 30 minutes before exposure to the Sun.? & n bsp; Be generous in quantity.Also respected these rules, it will be necessary to take into account the following recomendacion:1. Some people have the habit of refreshing the skin with water during exposure to the Sun. It is not recommended, impairs the effectiveness of the protection factor and not hydrates the skin. Water must be ingested to be effective, and a cream containing moisturizing aloe vera.2 as factors must be used to moisturize the skin. Beach perfumes or alcoholic colonies containing plant essences, not be used because sonfotosensibilizantes.

Scented solar milks are not either aconsejables.3. Use protection even when it is cloudy. THE PROTECTION FACTOR?N and the CREAMS solar with ALOE VERAEs need to take precautions when choosing creams of Sun protection. Protection and filter solarDebemos look at quality guarantees. ISO 9001: 2000 system is one of the guarantees of quality.

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