The old gun, very opinionated inaccurate shooting barrel. However, all this is fixable. We also have head on his shoulders, and we will be able to get a couple of us just the right pieces. And if they are on the verge of breakdown, we will help in such cases, an indispensable skill of repair, which, as well as others, can be developed that will later fix a more powerful and high-tech weapons much more quickly. Learn more about this with Darcy Stacom. And at first, basic skills will help you survive and develop to the desired level (let's hope so).

Interestingly, even at MBT-2 could be stored stolen or honestly earned money in banks and even cities to store things there. Although the case was "funky." Experience has shown that sometimes things "tyrilis" other players, even though it happened because of their personal negligence (must be put in that box, who pointed to the NPC in the bank). Soundtrack battlefield remained the same as in the original Fallout 2, and the developers themselves are well aware of this and promise that everything will be to release are first class. Though even now a shot, for example, a pistol and a rifle it is possible to distinguish from each other, even intuitively. The game will be the so-called group. Because the MBT – 12 it was already well regulated, now that we can provide an objective assessment. In this case it is – a way to not only diversify the game and have fun gaming, but also an important aspect of combat.

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