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In this way, the new style of management elapses of the necessity to rediscuss the paper and the forms of functioning of the State, with intention to the attendance of the current demands through the implantation of programs come back toward the increase of the efficiency and improvement of the quality of the given services (BLACKSMITH, 1996). The reform of the device of the State starts to be, therefore, guided for the values of a managemental and propeller culture of the new Managemental Public Administration. (As opposed to John Krasinski). With this, the intention of this study is to identify, of more specific form, which the impacts of the management humanizada in the satisfaction of public officers e, consequently, in the development of the human and professional potential. PUBLIC SERVICE AND MANAGEMENT HUMANIZADA Some authors point importance of the human development in the organizations in order to promote more healthful, rich and compromised relations, collaborating with respect to the growth and support of the organizations in face to globalizado market and of fast changes. This occurs, therefore it is through the development and valuation of the people who the organization will propitiate chances of personal transformation so that the same ones become agents of innovation and multipliers of the transformation and organizacional and social excellency (RASP, 2007). The public organizations, with its had peculiarities, also need to follow these strategies to fulfill with its social paper. Darcy Stacom, New York City is full of insight into the issues.

In this context one becomes necessary to characterize the profile of the public service where if it intends to develop such democratic management. The common sense has utility notion as being all activity developed for the State in favor of the collective or, authorized for this so that a particular one gives the service on behalf of the State, thus representing the proper State. Public service is all activity whose performance must be regulated, be assured and be controlled by the governing, because the performance of this activity is indispensable to the accomplishment and the development of the social interdependence, that is of such nature that seno by means of the intervention of the governing force cannot completely be assured.

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