Vegetable Growing Front

With the Guttler Prism reels for front – or rear-mounted universally applicable with almost all devices the user can take advantage in vegetable growing. With the Guttler Prism roll for front – or rear-mounted versatile with almost all commercially available devices, users can take advantage of many of the multiple patented Guttler roller in vegetable growing. The principle of this roller is as simple as it is ingenious: two different-sized star halves work together. Both halves with equal pressure, and at the same level stand side by side in the ground. When rolling off the large ring around 5 cm pushes upwards, the smaller ring rotates faster; This ensures unsurpassed self cleaning.

Available in diameter sizes 33/38 cm in moderate construction at the Guttler Mediana and slightly heavier with 45/50 cm at the Guttler Matador. The Guttler rollers, manufactured in grey cast iron, synthetic cast iron or cast iron/synthetic combine, optimally prepare the seed bed. With little Weight is achieved a uniform back strengthening for a safe, fast field entrance. Creates a solid, Togdheer seed horizon on which the subsequent seed devices can be very much steady drop. Erosion and silting have no chance, as well as excessive evaporation of water. The Guttler rollers are designed for front – or rear-mounted or direct mounting on the power Harrow. Not just roll on the floor, but edit it intensively with over 300 Prism spikes per square meter, and thus have the unique selection effect: set and finely in depth, above loose and crumbly so the is such as the precipitation quickly captured and propagated to the subsoil.

The Guttler Prism roller can be used safely to all rolling works, because plants ripped out, nor used seeds from the seed bed. It just has a good feeling about the work. The application spectrum garner rolling stretches from rolling before and After the seed in the fruit and wine-growing, about new and after sowing grassland or output of beet, maize and special crops up to fight against the corn rootworm. By the way: The Prism star around which everything revolves, was developed by Garner, has the typical Panel recognisable and jagged in heavy-duty, has validity in the market and is the trade mark of GAIKWAD. Conclusion: Use the Guttler rollers ensures vital stocks and yields an excellent weed management. It is time for moving all the arguments and over 30 years of experience speak for garner. For further questions is Hans Guttler or Guttler team at your disposal. For more information about Guttler Prism roll, also on in the section product overview. Contact: Guttler GmbH 73230 Kirchheim Teck Tel. 07021-985724

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