4 Locate an enemy common-groups in conflict can solve their differences quickly to join forces against a common enemy, which can be a company competitor, an institution, or a third group from the same organization. A common case happened in a company where two managers argued heatedly, but upon entering a third executive who both hated, closed ranks against him. But that leaving both officers returned to their disagreements. The have them their actions to both managers, he settled for both a radical change in their relations, with which in the following weeks improved cooperation between both and their respective groups. 5.

Developing a common set of objectives.-a large part of the differences and conflicts between groups in any social organization, usually arise because the subsystems have objectives different and worse yet because executives are even rewarded (promotions, increased salary, etc.), if reaching the particular objectives of its subsystem. This immediately creates the conflict, since each subsystem cares achieve a good appearance and cares less than working with other subsystems in the face to the common objectives. To avoid such conflicts or reduce them, integrates different areas groups staff. Each group is called Group of problem identification, is motivated to present a list of the problems that confront the Organization, then the groups must make delivery of lists where to report its findings and conclusions. Reviewing the lists is very natural to find overlap between the problems that each group to put forward. Finally, the issues defined above are summarized and new groups are set to work on a specific set of problems already. Using this method many companies have managed to reduce their production costs, increase morale and productivity.

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