The Lack Of Communication

A very reliable survey gave conoser than husband and woman are only reported for 17 minutes in a week. Something that causes stupor. We live in the era of communications: telephones, telex, satellite, TV, fax, radio, cinema. However people every day communicate less. When the current spouses were boyfriends, not ended talk. They were always looking for a pretext to communicate. He came to visit the bride and, while the night progressed, he wouldn’t and superstitious grandmother was not going to put a broom behind the door to hasten the departure, but ini so the boyfriend was going! Beautiful era that time employing the bride and groom in communicate! Always had something nice to say! But, unfortunately, during the marriage, the words are ending! Some marriages already adopted a Morse language: If.

No Ah, go. Point stripe. Other marriages already need of an interpreter. The husband tells her daughter: tell him your MOM that is not so impertinent. And the wife is there front. When Jesus wanted to get to the heart of the lost woman Samaritan woman, seeking dialogue with her. The woman is resisted at first; treatment of entangled in a heated discussion.

The Lord with love was making it up to reflect that the woman leave grace to invade his heart. Our simple people said: speaking people is understood. So it is. When people manage to communicate, many experts bad dissipate. He is accomplished to reach the heart and the mind. When people don’t communicate, there are many prejudices, defects, errors are enlarged. Dialogue is not about counting his four truths to the spouse. If someone feels attacked verbally, it is logical that is defended. Then there will be a fight, another heated confrontation. Dialogue is to find the right time and the right way to say what is dabe say; that has to be clarified. Not with the intention to hurt, to feel bad to each other, but to help you to reflect, to look impartially at a new point of view that could fix a particular situation. A husband told his wife what had led to a court. When was before the judge, already without no hope of settlement, the end could hear with impartiality the reasons for his wife. Never before had played with serenity. Then, he realized that she was right. He said it. But it was late; the wife did not want to take back foot.

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