Really You Want To

Live life like action. Every day is imposed on us with greater force culture of appearance, of what they will say. We give away by meet, not look bad, because everybody does it, not by pleasing. Managed by the advertising and the ads, we buy what we need, not what the market needs that we buy and for which others see us. Not for us really. The market creates continuously new products and television is in charge of converting them into needs. We speak without thinking about what we say, live routines, bought ads.

We had that we fun us at the party because he is expected to say that, which we liked much hyped film that everybody says it’s very good, though we have supremely bored seeing her. We applaud because everybody does it; sonreimos, without knowing why, when everybody does it. In brief, each day are less people who dare to live, to be masters of their own lives, wanting to be: most live for others: the TV, customs, fashions, which will tell the what people say is overwhelming concern that swoops on many people. You can become like a kind of horror to ridicule, from obsession to be like everyone else, to follow the path that follow everyone, to work thing of all, to not break patterns because we are not able to do what others do to get to have what the other non tiendran. Why do most ostentation of luxuries or originality and in the majority of cases we prefer this, rather than investing in ourselves, in our health both physical or mental, feel comfortable, be well with us same. Unfortunately we focus on: go there where it goes around the world; To do what everybody does; To postpone what is good, what improves us physical and mental health in exchange for acquiring appearance immediately; To think like everyone else.

Nobody thinks so, why will I be precisely I the exception?. The strongest reason is usually one of the before mentioned: what you want that? do do?, is what makes everyone (everyone, in the world in which he moves). If they have rejected it for the simple reason that not dressed in clothing brands, designed by famous designers and tick it bad dress, don’t worry, just has to sacrifice and stop eating if it is possible for a month, maybe if can muster to buy even if it is a piece of brand which has to put every time you visit their friendshipsYou can also buy clothing of imitation and pass by original simply get tags from clothing brands and sewing them on their clothing of imitation. So will feel well although this sick. Live a life of lies, is not to live a life of virtual, imaginary or pretending it is not is living with dead, is definitely – not wanting to. Be very happy! Franco Emilio Ayala independent distributor of Omnilife code international 57099053 AMF original author and source of the article

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