Conscious Parenting

Conscious parenting and the environmental education of today become increasingly common. This is due to the fact that mankind is approaching the inevitability of choice, on which depends the possibility of further life our planet. Earth – is an extraordinarily warm and beautiful planet in the cold darkness of space, and perhaps we all arrive at it is not accidental, but in order to meet up with the most expensive we human beings, souls learn and teach each another, learn their lessons and become a little more perfect. It is from this point of view sees the birth of a child philosophy of conscious parenting. But even if before the birth of the baby you have lived a normal life, then looking into his eyes, you suddenly realize that limitless love him in return. And this love requires a change in your life. Changes, of course, the better, because life is filled with meaning, children's smiles and laughter. Desire to understand the baby leads to the idea that because he had so far only small part of nature, then all that it needs to be the most natural and natural. But what is most natural for a toddler? Of course, to be as close to my mother, to hear her voice and even heartbeat, as it was for nine months. But if the kid all the time on his hands, the joy of communicating with him passes quickly, because Mom can not do anything either for themselves or for loved ones.

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