Presents Security System

AZS system AG protects people, data and values presented AZS system AG in Munich the entire portfolio of security solutions. The focus is access on card”the professional locking and access control system, which is used both online and offline. Company-wide access control and flexible security technology use advanced wireless technology that work for years without changing the battery the casys 3010 online cylinders and fittings. The advantages of wireless technology are the direct implementation of changes without delays. Casys 3010 more effectively exploited the required cable connection to the wireless hub.

It is a 1: n connection. It is possible that several cylinders and fittings, log on to a wireless hub and correspond with him. All aspects of the permissions on the new doors can be processed centrally from the server. Through the direct implementation of changes and the immediate availability of booking data are such systems especially in sensitive Suitable areas. The casys 3010 offline system consists of four perfectly matched components: identification medium, write / read unit, cylinders and management software.

A card or a transponder can be used as identification medium, both are safe electronic door opener and quickly when needed for new employees or visitors create. For the time-limited authorization for access will forgive E.g. daily new on the respective identification medium. The offline-enabled casys 3010-card – / reading unit transfers the access rights on the respective identification media. The safe and unobtrusive installation on the control electronics in secure buildings inside almost excludes a manipulation by outside. With the built-in 256 MB Flash memory access management for up to 10,000 employees is possible. The LAN interface allows a fast, hassle-free connection to existing networks without additional complicated wiring. Standard cylinders are to do so simply by exchanged casys 3010 cylinder without any additional installation effort. The casys 3010 cylinder work free cable, so even if key is lost no cylinder must be replaced or reprogrammed.

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