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The VDI Center resource efficiency has effi mobile event subject of a package, which virtually and locally provides decision-makers from SMEs and resource efficiency Berlin, 08.02.2012: the VDI Centre resource efficiency has undertaken on behalf of the Federal Environment Ministry with the effi mobile an event package, virtually and locally provides decision-makers from SMEs and resource efficiency. Operators such as chambers of Commerce, chambers of Commerce, associations and business promotions now can book the package nationwide free of charge. More at or Tel. 030 4000 599 23. Expenditures for material in processed industry are high, they account for around 45% of the total cost. Just growing raw materials, resource efficiency therefore means a considerable potential for cost savings. Resource efficiency is a distinct competitive advantage for businesses,”confirmed Sascha Hermann, CEO of VDI ZRE.

But the potential for cost savings is often still not fully exploited for SMEs, because information is lacking. Exactly here is the effi mobile map. It brings a packet of information to local events, which brings practical help decision makers,”as Hermann. Effi mobile, practical and industry-relevant information informed clearly and directly as first steps may look, the effi-Mobile brings what promotion is possible and why consulting can help with the implementation of resource efficiency. The participants receive a management guide or can perform on a Tablet PC directly the VDI ZRE resource check. A resource efficiency consultants can go above and beyond in a personal discussion on questions of entrepreneurs to the consulting process and savings”, Hermann describes the offer. Providing best practice movies and facts round out the offerings. Simple and free booking the effi-mobile is sponsored by the car-sharing company DriveNow.

It can be booked by organisers such as chambers of Commerce, nationwide free Chambers of Commerce, investment promotion agencies and associations. For more information, or the telephone number 030 “4000 599 23 Resource efficiency that pays off the effi-Mobil is a project of the nation-wide information campaign competitive resource efficiency”. It is aimed in November 2011 in small and medium-sized companies in Germany. Aim is to sensitize decision makers for the more efficient use of resources and to inform how they can save costs through greater resource efficiency. The campaign will centre resource efficiency (VDI ZRE) co-ordinated by VDI and funded by the Federal Ministry of the environment. For more information on the campaign and the implementation of resource efficiency under. VDI Center resource efficiency the VDI Center resource efficiency was founded in 2009 as a cooperation of the Federal Ministry of the environment and the German Engineers Association (VDI). It acts as a technology radar and information platform for innovative efficiency technologies as well as information transfer point mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises. Press contact VDI Center resource efficiency GmbH Nadine Bernhardt press office email: Tel: + 49 30 2759506-22

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