Contact In The Relationship With Your Baby

Congratulations! I finally got your baby! After nine long months of waiting, I finally got in your arms, finally know his face, his arms, his hands. In the daily massage, stroking the baby's mother speaks rhythmically and, thus forging bonds of trust and security so important to its future development. Certainly the relationship with your child has started long before he was born. Since I was in your womb talked with him, sang and rocked, I asked him not to move much when trying to sleep or kick to give what his father felt. However, now that you have in front of you begins a new stage in which you and your baby will interact more closely.

Learn how through touch, can foster this relationship. What happens to your baby before birth? Before birth the baby's body is flooded with a hormone called ACTH to prepare the stress of birth and learning that will later. Once the baby is born the pituitary gland sends a message to the hormone secreted to stop, you know why you do it? Because through eye contact, touch and heartbeat of the mother, the baby's body knows she is safe and content. A daily massage increases the stimulation threshold in most infants. When the baby is born, your nervous system is not fully developed, however, development aid sensory stimulation, massage accelerates myelination, which is needed to cover every nerve of this system and in turn, can give the impulse of neurons that promotes the development of intelligence.

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