Neva Wrought

Wrought Iron – floral design in forged products. "I want to roses in the unique garden, where the best in the world consists of fences …" – Anna Akhmatova wrote. Today in fashion equipping their homes in the lightest form of wrought products. Metal Art has acquired a new direction in the interior of modern apartments, townhouses, or just country houses in cozy cherry gardens or linden alleys, bridges or quiet gazebo. With smithcraft lovers of intricate lace can be forged to please your eye almost every thing in your home or on the adjacent site.

Wrought iron furniture, be it a bed, coffee table or a chair decorated sophisticated mobile ornaments with shoots acanthus palmette, cartouches, blossoming roses and foliage will not leave indifferent nobody around for a long time, and prick your attention. Not to mention the exceptional effect Forward-looking bars on the forged fences, gates or doors. Thanks to the special arrangement of lattice gate, approaching the viewer to think that before it opens a passage into the deep, close the portal from the violent tangled thickets. Metal doors, decorated with whimsical, beautiful pattern of forged links with a large floral pattern, not only give a sense of confidence and security, but also raise the mood in the morning when leaving for work. Wrought iron stair railings, fences and bridges will not be boring and uninteresting, if the track to introduce the allegory of sea elements: a series of openwork sections, the pattern in the form of the trident of Neptune with saw palmetto, fantastic seahorses with tails, woven in floral design – and next to you is a small copy of wrought a bridge built across the Neva. A winter evening spent in front of a fireplace, decorated with wrought-iron garlands of flowers and leaves, which will destroy the single-plane lattice memorable fabulous atmosphere of coziness. Chest wrought heavy ornaments made from old patterns fill the house of happy memories childhood to old wives' tale. Forged items butylochnitsy or bouquets, candle holder or chandelier, stand for umbrellas or a weathercock, forged or whatnot Log holders, gazetnitsa or hanger, made to order, the taste, nature, reliability and confidence of his master.

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