And it is that, in our homes, either by ignorance or by the economic and speculative interests of its builders, already by our own ignorance, there may be a myriad of mistakes that then we pay very expensive, because the price is the detriment of our physical and mental health.Geobiology is named after that initially he focused his interest in the study of the relationships between it – especially the man – living beings and energies emanating from Earth. But investigators soon discovered that not only disturbed us radiation from natural soil, but a long series of factors which have gradually been revealed as true enemies of public health: the artificial electrical pollution, synthetic fibers, certain building materials, radioactive elements, etc.Therefore, it is that the goebiologia has been becoming an increasingly complex science, and up to the nickname cosmogeobiologia which also has been given, in relation to the study of cosmic radiation, and forces too you small. Experience and everyday geobiologica show us clearly that the place where we live – and above all, where we slept, because that, finally and after, we spend a third of our lives in bed – determines our State of physical and emotional health, although this may seem an exaggeration. Do not say that this happens in 100 percent of cases, as there are people who resist or tolerate well these energies; but in general terms, the consequences of a stay prolonged upon the disturbances to which we refer, are often dramatic. To sum up then, and to make it more understandable, this science (the geobiology), picking up the deep knowledge of the traditional wisdom and uniting them with the most recent scientific research, focused on the study of the relationships between living things – especially the man – and energies that emanate from the Earth, which come from cosmic radiations, and those generated by human activity itself.

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