This profile, in my opinion is not negligible since it is very effective and operational, is necessary but not sufficient. Without emotional or motivational approaches to the company. That is a taxable person. Family role (lo Hopefully her family): in spite of that we are located in the year 2000, a mother expected a role primarily of carer for the offspring, carer for the family organization, and his new partner. And in the case of that worker be able to reconcile their family life with working life. With all the limits personal and professional associated with these tasks.

However, its capacity of listening and empathy, take Erin to become personally involved in a complicated case. Not yet been well regarded, nor in his work (where it is criticized by his own comrades, or domestic (his new partner reproaches his little dedication to their children). Socio-historical roles assigned features skewed towards the feminine and the masculine, in the attempt to achieve a situation of equality and equity, what we have accomplished women who work is double responsibility: home/work, causing us conflicts for our personal and professional development with a resolution that most of the times It is not positive for our lives. Situation that some organizations instrumentalise for greater productivity and to the detriment of the theoretical equilibrium of social when we don’t feel rejection from 1 minute of an interview in which you report that you have children. As in the movie of our cross case. Erin self-image (think about it). Erin has a healthy self-esteem, believes in teamwork, human relations, in feeling with genuine concern because justice is met, but without losing sight of the economic benefit that will bring you to see carried out its mission. She feels committed to people and to the Organization, is proactive in its work and brings added value to the same, not limited to comply with precise instructions.

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