National Identity

In this direction, always the influences of the soccer in the Carioca carnival are remembered. To start for the innumerable enredos composites on football subjects p.ex., the world is a ball, of Kiss-Flower, in 1986. Also some schools of samba had had origin in soccer teamses. P.ex., the STONEWARE Is Clemente was established in 1961 from Is Clemente FC, appeared in 1953, and had the colors (yellow and black) inspired not in the teams whom origin gave to it (blue and white), but in the Pearol Uruguayan. Already the STONEWARE Independent Youth of Priest Miguel although the star in the flag, that remembers to the shield of the Carioca Portuguese AA is originary of the Independent FC, a fertile valley teams of the Zone West, of the decade of 50. By the way, the first School of Samba, Deixa To speak, had the colors inspired by America FC. But we go here to treat is of the against-hand.

E, of preference, histories well old, of influences of the carnival in the world of the soccer. Perhaps the first author to intuir this has been, ironically, the great adversary of the soccer: Barreto rasp (to see our article ‘ ‘ Against foot-ball’ ‘). In the chronicle ‘ ‘ Balls and amusements suburbanos’ ‘ , published in the Gazette of Notice of 07.02.1922, it affirms that, in relation to the clubs of ‘ ‘ quarters elegantes’ ‘ , the difference is that, in the suburban ones, it had the custom of ‘ ‘ to festejarem the victory on a rival, singing the winners for the streets, with naked gambitos, its homrica feat with letter and music of the school of carnavalescos laces. Vi this a time and I do not only guarantee that this hibridao of the samba, more or less African, with the soccer anglian-saxnico, if has today generalized in the suburbs.

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