Generalitat Valenciana

It happened in the Castellon town square La Tanca. The alleged perpetrator was delivered to the Civil Guard. The motive could be linked to a sentimental case. A 35-year-old man has died shot shot shotgun in the Castellon town of Vilafames square La Tanca, as reported by the Center for information and coordination of emergency (CICU) of the Generalitat Valenciana. The sub-delegation of the Government in Castellon has indicated that the deceased is neighbor of La Pobla Tornesa, and that the alleged perpetrator of the shooting could be a neighbor of Vilafames of 40 years, which has been delivered at the barracks of the Civil Guard, 300 metres from the site of the incident. Notice to authorities occurred last Friday night, and the Civil Guard is investigating the causes of the death, according to the same sources. As reported by the Mayor of the town, Jose Pons, the murder took place in the street before several witnesses. Apparently, the author of the shooting and the victim were known, and the crime could have a sentimental mobile. Source of the news: he died a man of 35 years after being shot from shotgun in Vilafames

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