Building an Earth Oven Barbecue

On this occasion, I will lead, for you yourselves can build their own earth oven, in his house, or in the garden of his home if they have enough space, and believe me, no regret, only imagine that from a day earlier, rather, from the previous night, the whole family together to add fuel to the furnace to have it ready to heat, so you can enjoy a delicious barbecue earth oven, or a delicious Beef head BBQ, believe me, is an unforgettable experience. The first thing you have to do is dig a hole about one meter, five feet deep, the depth of the hole depends on the amount of meat you are cooking, that is determined by you, the hole diameter about three feet, trying to make the diameter of the hole is as uniform as possible, even when the truth is not so uniform, not so even, but this does not discourage you because it does not affect anything with the result final.

Since you have your barbecue pit, you have to”fix”the walls and floor of the oven, how do we do this?, easy, wetting and compacting, one of the techniques that I personally felt much is me: buy yourself at the supermarket, or in any market, a water spray , the kind that ladies use for ironing clothes, I’ve also seen it used to wet and wash the leaves of houseplants. Now with full spray, and hand, proceed to wet the walls and the floor of his earth oven, and it is completely wet (without falling off excess soil moisture) flatten the earth gently, remember : wet and compact. Are you about to finish building his earth oven for their barbecues, the final step is: get yourself two dozen river stones, regular size (not so young) and also two or three loads of wood, preferably oak, if you do not know where to buy firewood, use any Internet search engines, I recommend Google’s. Now you have everything, place river stones evenly in the bottom of your oven ground, stack the wood in a pyramid, and turn, stoke the fire to light up even, this fire should last around four hours, after that time, remove a bit of breaststroke, and a few stones, helping with a shovel , target your case to the broth, put a rack on top and then the meat, covering with maguey leaves, previously baked, cover with earth and stones put on top of that appliance, along with the braces, if desired can light a fire on top and continue to enjoy the night, leave the meat in the oven for six to seven hours, to ensure their cooking, and I assure you that when removing the oven, take a delicious and pleasant surprise. For all who are interested, try the next article on how to prepare beef and lamb, step by step, to enjoy a delicious and aromatic barbecue. Jaime Sanchez, the author of this article is restaurateur, and is dedicated to catering for events.

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