Medical Board Of St. Petersburg

Contrary to popular stereotype, Russia has always had good doctors and teachers. Global Problem Russian professionals is that the motivation of workers of budgetary sphere leaves much to be desired. And so in the eyes of modern physicians working in municipal health clinics and hospitals, there is no enthusiasm and goodwill. They're just not physically able to serve a huge amount in time in need of their assistance, and the have to wait a long time taking the right doctor. Particularly acute in this regard is the problem of formalities related to registration of the medical certificate 086 for admission to educational institutions, medical wiper Commission and other questions in this round. Quite a different case with the medical center Len-Med.

Qualification and professionalism remain here at the appropriate level, with a number of disadvantages is reduced to zero. In Specifically, you can always count on timely service. A number of formal procedures, such as driver's medical commission, drawing books for health workers and food social services, registration of medical certificates for admission to higher or specialized secondary school, to visit the pool and other services – all this you can go as soon as possible according to your plans. Driver's medical commission of St. Petersburg as the procedure is a medical examination by experts in various fields in order to determine fitness to perform work on land management vehicle for personal use. Upon completion of the inspection of a natural person is a medical opinion on the possibility or impossibility of performance of the declared type of work. Conveniently, when the design of a medical certificate to enroll in college only one visit to the medical center. Useful when receiving health book takes the least time.

Conveniently, when getting a driver's license can be accurately know how long it takes to determine the shelf life to a favorite cause. Conveniently, when a comprehensive range of medical services, including driver's medical commission, medespertizu skills assessment, issuance of health books and medical information for admission to college – by geographically in one medical center. Medical Board for drivers in the center LenMed include examination and consultation of qualified specialized doctors from various specialties up to the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist, the psychiatrist, as well as an electrocardiogram. Upon completion of medical examination of the driver's opinion provides the commission with the issue of medical Help a standard for providing the traffic police. Medical examination of drivers in the center LenMed produced a passport, two photos 3 * 4, a military identification card, certificate from the gynecologist and information blood group. Driver's medical commission – this is not the only service center LenMed. In addition to the medical board for the drivers here you can get expert advice of experienced specialists, such as a therapist, audiologist, an ophthalmologist and a psychiatrist, the psychiatrist. The package of additional services center also includes skills assessment expertise in employment and periodic medical examinations of workers in hazardous working conditions, predreysovogo inspection of drivers, a reference 086 for entry into the study, information for visiting the pool, design of sanitary and resort maps, check out a duplicate of a medical certificate for inspection of drivers of vehicles, issuance of personal health record (san.knizhki) with registration and registration FGUZ TsGiE in Saint-Petersburg and hygiene education profession with certification and registration Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology, St. Petersburg. Formalities are not to give them a significant part of life. Your dream is too expensive to exchange it on the endless queues and not always successful search.

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