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In the camera got guidelines from method and procedure, first to avoid resistance to change and then gradually repeating the habit that I wanted to learn, these two conditions coupled with the environment group, analysis, therapy, foster a global power in every encounter gave me the opportunity to not only learn by listening, if not for exercising skills than in other fields of life I would have been impossible to carry out. Then once again, the environment was and is that of the opportunity. My research roll from Pragmagic by Marilyn Ferguson until the United States TASS system, each technique used the suggestion in some cases explicitly in others without leaving traces of the same. What lies the suggestion for individuals who participate in learning reflect in his mind what heard?, it is especially the spirit of the Facilitator, is his word and his act, which should be imbued by the magic of the knowledge, when then occurs the openness and Exchange or feedback between participant and facilitator. Is at that time, in that the subject is He teaches as a vivid history and the individual participates in it, in which occurs the memory and the memory in learning. There is also the auto suggestion in learning, as well as many times tell us that such or which topic we is difficult, we’re womanhood that can not learn it. It is clear, that the single mind receives orders in positive, i.e. guidelines it should I do this or that, they don’t work as programming for learning.

We must only give orders action in a positive way, I will do such a thing, I guidence as another, approach the challenge, producing action. It is good to remember that only action determines the creation. There are easy methods to use to learn how to learn, as the exercise of both hemispheres and mind-mapping.

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