Ecological Automobile

This because the electrical motor with respect to energy consumed versus. Useful energy arrives almost at 90% of effectiveness. The motor to combustion however, less than takes advantage of 40% the energy. Bony, of each 10 liters of gasoline, 6 liters are lost in the form of gases, heat, noise, vibrations, residues, etc. Reason why more than 400 million tons of carbon dioxide they arrive at the atmosphere every year by the vehicles from all the planet.

The petroleum consumption in the world represents more of 87% of the global heating. A 90% generate the automobiles, that is to say, more of 78% of global heating it must to the use of petroleum by the vehicles of internal combustion. To this it is added that in the world they make to day near 160.000 automobiles, circulating more than 3.000 million vehicles that emit polluting gases. Although it is certain the electrical automobiles do not contaminate with toxic gases, but the electricity that is required to recharge the batteries of these vehicles if it produces contamination. Only in EE.UU more than half of the electricity the coal or the diesel engine comes from the fuel burning fire like that also contaminates the environment. The numbers speak that only in the EE.UU 350,000 people to the year because of the environmental contamination die. In Peru 10,000 people per year due to diseases related to the aerial contamination, that is to say, an average of 27 people per day die. DESCRIPTION OF THE OPERATION The battery, (previously loaded by an outsourcing), sends electricity to the electrical motor that it drives to the automobile.

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