In any interview, there comes a time when you made up about a certain impression, your resume is considered, formed an initial opinion of you as experts and professionals. Time has passed formal questions – about earnings, a career and your place in the company. There comes a time when it is necessary to evaluate how you control yourself, as you know how to "punch" as react to unusual situations. At the same time look for something that you hiding, because almost always have what you want to silence this "something" you tell the skillful bluffing yourself if you succumb to panic and begin to make excuses. Your caller begins the game, how to behave? If you want to have an interview when seeking employment in the staffing agency, you should refrain from emotions.

The most common course of conduct in the interview – or to gain the confidence to plunge into a shock, can first be first, and then second. At this stage, but the answers you have another problem – not to succumb to the provocation, do not let the will of the emotions. If you want to get a job – you should be ready for any course of conduct recruiter. Many of us want to speak, to tell about their everyday concerns, of course, you need to remember – not all it's worth doing. If you're talking backslapper and you think that he is willing to listen to you for hours – so it is.

Just listen you will be with specific purpose and to the point until they receive enough information to tell you "goodbye." Personal interest – no, it's just profobyazannosti – recruiting. If the recruiter has chosen aggressive course of action, the case could reach even to the extent of blatant vulgarity. Polite, quiet resistance, with a touch of humor – that's what you can and should be countered, if you become aggressive – the other person actually successful. If you start to lose control of himself – remember that your buddy is all normal working routine. He should play this role, most likely he does not want to be good or bad, ask puzzling questions or be rude to you. He probably wants to drink a cup of coffee or lunch to leave early home. In the end, he is a man like you, and if he bad said about your clothes or hair – is hardly gives him pleasure. Not bad, not bad. Work at it like this – to see what you want to hide, evaluate, conduct tests, to decide whether you come as an employee.

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