Is It Old And Worth Anything?

Is it an antique and is it worth anything? Want to know? At some point in our lives most of us will put in a position where we have to ask the following question: Which of my treasured possessions should I save something, it could be worthwhile and I can shoot? Do you know? We started our own homes full of enthusiasm and with all the lovely clutter that makes our lives and family, but as time passes, the children leave home, they decided to move to a smaller house, or perhaps we decided to live abroad. At this stage we have to decide what to keep and what to share. As an antique dealer for many years often invited me home to help our customers to that question – or a cry for help! Well, we all have items that are not part with a million pounds, precious bits and pieces passed down from parents and small gifts from partners, children and grandchildren. Then there is the layer of semi precious elements that, to make a little more space to part with. Put to one side and return to them later – our second best treasures. But the ‘cupboard fillers are a different matter! How many teas services, lace tablecloths and crystal need? In fact, being very honest, when was the last time you set the table with a starched cloth and all AMD covered matching glassware? call me a bitch, but usually friends to serve with the tea in china cups.

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