Chinese Culture

Even though Chinese culture is so diversified, it is very well-blended and is looked on favorably by much of the rest of the world, both eastern and western alike.    The main areas of Chinese culture include: medicine (that has become extremely popular in the western world); food (also very common with western tastebuds); tea (it has been found to have huge benefits among its western neighbors); festivals and holidays (the new year; International Labor Day; National Day); music and more.

Canadian culture centers around art (early influences being from Europe, which later spread to the artists’ personal styles); music (multi-cultural influences including the British, French and aboriginals); literature (French and English-language depending on your location in Canada); film and TV (originally dominated by the American film industry which changed in the 1960s when Quebecian filmmakers came on the scene); sports (their own or imported from the US, including ice hockey; football, Lacrosse, etc.).

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