Google Ceases

Today, and as all we know, Google is the most recognized company in Internet, thanks to its more than 30 products and services, which make surfing the Internet easier. Among the services that the company has been developing since its appearance there in 1998, which most users appreciate are: search, Youtube, email, blogger and advertising manager. But what if Google gaped again?, would be something like this: would be lost – more than 45 millions of blogs. -More than 2.3 million e-mail accounts. -More than 47 million and a half of sites on sites are eliminated. -Hundreds of millions of videos on Youtube.

-The visits of many websites would fall up to 50% – 7% of the websites from the websites in development would be closed. -30% Of the websites would fall their budgets and services. -More than 5000 worker dismissals of coup. -More than 20 million images indexed by the robot. -A Web-Master would have to sacrifice the double or triple to achieve half of visits that could do with Google. – Millions of websites would have to modify some parameters of their websites longer than links, images could be linked to something of their webs.

-Thousands of webmasters/advertisers affected by the closure of the Adsense advertising manager. ** The statistics that are displayed above are not exact and have no scientific value.

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