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The driver continues its course and ends up creating a traffic accident with fatalities. Clearly this could have been avoided if some traffic for the subject and forfeited the car. Now well, why not you did that? Let’s look at possible scenarios: the transit Department does not have enough staff to cover on weekends, even when there are special events. John Mclaughlin will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Is who the culprit? The human resources department by not anticipate staffing needs required and manage to satisfy them. Who says human resources? I have always asked for seats for new traffic police but never they approve them me because there is no money for that. They say in finance? There are many tax evasion and therefore we do not have sufficient income.

Question: and by that do not improve fund-raising processes for more money?. Response: silence. Then is who the culprit? Human resources this failing because you aren’t to Hacienda so that they rotated money in order to obtain more seats; Finance this failing by managing the processes of cash receipts and income in a bad way. Another possible cause of because there were no traffic police: the official assigned to cover weekends the sectors for which the driver step Ashton to work, as does frequently and without human resources be account already has controls that allow you to monitor attendance at work by officials. Is who the culprit? Undoubtedly is traffic because this failing its responsibility to attend work, but it is also human resources by having hired personnel responsible for so little, does not keep record of the employee absences and to not instill a spirit of service that even without assistance controls would have helped to bring about that traffic had gone to work in staff. Another scenario that allowed the drunk driver to handle: the Department of this transit patrols that allow them to navigate since most of those are scarce decomposed and while there staff in charge of a garage that arranges such vehicles, these will have been complaining since long time the need for best team and best facilities already that as they are currently working last much fixing cars.

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