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Secret number 4 for slimming increases the frequency of meals this maybe is not a secret to many people if they have read lately on the subject of weight loss and lose weight. Since a study published in 2005 by the American Association of clinical nutrition showed that people who eat 6 times a day consumed fewer calories during the day, and maintaining cholesterol levels lower, and levels of insulin under control after eating. If an increase in the frequency of your meals combine with an increase in your intake of protein and fiber. Veras quickly improve your body composition and your goal closer every day. A fast and effective training program secret number 5 for weight loss more quality and less time for training use to not be more than 1 hour in the gym. When a workout is effective and efficient to lose fat, it is also faster to burn fat, gain muscle and lose weight. When is the combination of strength and interval training properly integrated into a training program.

This becomes more efficient and effective training that will help you to get out of the gym in less time. For years it has been recommended more exercise for a longer time, but no changes are made to the programming of the training routines. In my years of experience has proved otherwise. When the training is complete, is quality and lasts less than 1 hour, best results are obtained. If you are more than an hour in the gym you must find ways to make your training more efficient. You can do the following: a.

reduce the time of rest or just taking time off, that is not more than 1 minute. b. use super series to complete more exercises in less time. c. do 20-minute intervals at the end of your workout instead of doing cardio for 45 additional minutes or 1 hour in addition to your strength exercises. Follow these tips and you can lose weight fast and have an excess of fat-free body.Modify your workout to lose weight and lose weight fast today.

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