Compression Algorithms

Compression algorithms have arisen in response to the urgent problem of growing amounts of user requests for files. In times of very limited amount of multimedia, slow connecting to the internet could save you a lot time and money. That is why in the past myself and earned popularity priznanie.Vremya still goes on. Users can afford to use a huge amount of hard disk drives, make backups on Cheap DVD drives and high volume technology Bluray and HD-DVD become available to the masses. In connecting to the internet progress supported by the fact that today we pay for an hour and can therefore download files and whole night without fear of high bills over the phone.

Compression in our time today compression algorithms have a slightly different application. Size does not matter but all the same, such as the Internet is still Most of files to download in the format of RAR or ZIP. This is mainly because that people have learned to use these formats instead of file backup, ie as a tool for combining large numbers of small files into one file. True to these floods there format Tarball (extension. Tar), which is still not became popular. Practically know him mainly users Linuxu.

In Windows, to see him often. It is therefore an integral part of traditional archival formats is save an uncompressed version, which is more popular than designed for this instrument Tarball. ZIP and RAR – ZIP and RAR classics are classics and the most popular formats for compressing files.

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