Jair Garci

A river did not have the fauna nor the flora and nor the bathed one of the Matican, but an immense homesickness left for much people. For it to be well next to the city was repleto of boys and girls fishing and playing in its waters. The river had much water, but also it was cut into pieces and losing its curves if it became in one strong rapids, and the cut being and being straight-line its mines if they had weakened. Today it is only one chorinho of water sliding among the rocks is as if it was tears of a river that cries. The same ones rocks there are displayed plus one day had been submerged for the waters that its ribanceira overflew in all. It was another barbarous ambient crime that we had this way. what uraienses we are seeing is the velrio of two rivers who are deceased, everything this that we see is the nature diminishing for this Brazil the rejection, and because not to say for all part of the planet. The nature asks for aid, simply to save the men of a catastrophe.

We in Ura are attending the velrio of two rivers here and who knows the future generations will go to attend the velrio of the nature. I know that all know a music that says thus: the riverbed already almost without life, where it rained already does not rain more. Here in Ura it was not the lack of the rain that killed ours two rivers, but yes two barbarous ambient crimes. I exactly ask for me when seeing in such a way indifference against the nature: What he will be of this blue planet? A fort I hug, and until next if the God thus to allow.

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