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Recalls that you as stated in the chapter above, even if in some cases aren’t real links, active Hypertext links to our interest, we will provide a equal. While non-backlinks, they publicitaran your site. 3 Upload to social bookmarking or Social bookmarking, the url of the article (Digg.com, Connotea.org, etc.). Unlike the articles directories, these not loads the article reading it directly, but only the URL, title, description and keywords. It is a system save lists categorized by means of web addresses. Social bookmarking possibly not created you much direct traffic, moreover, most are in English and very extensive. But Google loves them and they will serve for positioning. They give much play.

Tip: Use socialmarker.com, is free and will automate you the work. It has a list of about 50 social bookmarking. First choose which interest you and sign up. In each one you create your account with the user name, password and information staff and photo if you can. Then in socialmarker.com, when you get in the top form the url of the article, the title, description and keywords, you point the boxes of markers that interest you and das click on Submit. And automatically takes you to these pages.

Very important: only have to upload a few bookmarks every day or two days. If in a very short time you upload your link to everyone, Google will detect it as automated as that you’ve done it with a program, that is, cheated and not in a natural way. And then you will be penalized and it will not index it, not going it to count. 4. Think of a PDF article. From Word you can do it directly. Putting file / print in the menu bar and then, in the place of printer, you are looking for PDF Creator and apply. Before you edit with fonts, colors, adding images, etc.

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