It is possible that the question “Why?” is not appropriate because kids tend to take circumstances as they are. How many times have to say? Usually only one call, but it must be serious and comprehensive. Do not make the topic of divorce in an infinite series, but do not refuse to answer questions of a child if they had any. Be prepared for the fact that this issue will still occur and your future life. Try to control themselves and refrain from common mistakes divorcing parents. For this can not remember three: You can not blame a spouse for the child (for which he is not a bad husband and father). You can not blame what’s happening in other families (for example, here is the result of your beloved grandmother) can not blame himself child what happened (for example, you misbehaved, many ill, went home, smoked, did not help me ) Before you start to talk all think carefully, consider how to explain to children clearly and truthfully, that happened between you and Dad, how often Dad would see them, where you will live, who the relatives will be more likely to stay in your home. Is it not better to remain silent? Very often faced with the opinion of divorcing parents that it is better not to tell the children that Mom and Dad will not live together.

Dad went on a business trip or died, and that’s it. He is no longer a child’s life. Never. Such belief stems from fear to wrong Talk with your child, from inability to express his thoughts correctly.

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