Natural Resources

The natural way, has everything to offer. It can be explored with balance, without extermnio. It is an alive picture, an ornament that remains of generation to the generation, in its magnitude. Of it we get a strong energy, is one ' ' flash' ' as the life, between emanated dreams, even though for strange, however, truthful forces of this usufruido enchantment. The ground, water, atmosphere are factors of the abitico environment. They possess much force, influencing the community of the beings livings creature.

As example the rapids of a river, can influence in the format of the rocks of the deep one of the proper river. The limpidity of the water, temperature as chemical composition influences in the way to live of the plants and animals. All alive being is inserted inside of its genetic constitution. Changing the environment, each organism goes in accordance with to react through a new adaptation its hereditary formation. To this we call of bitico environment.

Not static environments, the example of the oceans, lakes, quagmires and in many cases have its dynamics, because the man and its action are influenced by. Atribuimos as surrounding natural. Exactly thus and as factor of utmost importance, to conserve the environment, exactly the called ones of artificial, formed for the intervention human being, as the cultivated ones in the urban way: forest gardens, fields, forests, reserves, etc. To share with the MOTHER NATURE are spoon knowledge, until the apex of the recognition to its proper preservation. Unhappyly the devastao has been the destruction brought for the advance of the former one. It goes becoming the invisible, blind, distant Man, forgotten that still ' ' the beauty existe' '. the poet, the romancista, the artist, the ecologist cries in silence loses its inspirations He has not been easy to explore all these natural spaces, gradual are disappearing. It is the depredation human being responsible for all these extermnios. The species are disappearing; the fauna and flora ask for aid, acclaim for understanding, mobilization, awareness, mainly of the educational agencies. Today we cannot more travel for the natural beauties, much little has offered in them. Loving and the preservadores of ' ' beauty natural' ' they do not obtain more to freiar as many destructions! From step by step, from peregrination to the peregrination, we are suffering the consequncias. Interpries climatic and other phenomena appear negative ahead of natural the terrestrial survivor and the species, much more! The green loses its coloring; the flowers of the field wither; the dry water and leaves the deadly headquarters of vegetables; the animals migram or die; the sun heats and the oxygen, is not plus an abundance. RESOURCES NATRUAIS, have been few, devoid for more campaigns and strategies for a propagation in the search of the defenses. To awake in each individual the communion of it, with the benefits offered gratuitously for the Nature is also to acquire knowledge it, of the necessity to contribute for preservation, because cliente we are, for aclamadssimo ALONE of the Environment next to its NATURAL RESOURCES. x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.Texto InformativoFONTE: DIVERSE UNIVERSE DE CRNICASAutor of the text and image: RODOLFO GASPARI – YOU SUPPLICATE

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