Carl Sagan

The modern concept of matter is nuclear. The image of solidity was replaced by the fission/fusion circuit. The release of the energy contained in the dynamism of accelerated nuclei, passes through fingers and escapes into the hands of those who wish to make matter, affirmed in past conceptions of dialectical materialism. Here is a scientific discovery with serious moral consequences, as all are in depth. As long as the human being living under the thick veil of spiritual ignorance, matter embodies the role of villain and speaks of war, destruction, perversion, corruption, nothing more contemporary disease, just see the headlines of the newspaper. As people get closer to your Creator by the exercise of fraternity between them (because God is love and that is Religion in the highest sense) minds will become more apt to understand the spiritual nature of matter itself, raising it consciously as an evolutionary spirit instrument, so then she speaks to us of life, love, creation, fraternity, spirituality ().

Spinoza and the divine nature of matter the Jewish philosopher Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677), author of extensive metaphysical systems that influenced thinkers and men of science, noted: don’t know why matter need to be unworthy of the divine nature, since apart from God cannot exist any substances endowed with divine nature for this reason, any way you can say that the extensive substance is unworthy of the divine nature, since it is eternal and infinite. Matter, for a long time was regarded as an obstacle to the spirit; However must now cease to be, to the extent that we understand and respect your superior function. The remembered Brazilian philosopher Huberto Rohden, who lived with Einstein at Princeton University, in the United States, reveals that a group of scientists from that important Academy of knowledge conceived a thesis called Gnose, which says: the spirit embodies to find resistance and evolve. Say physicists of Princeton limits vibrational universe in 1981, during the Conference the decoding of the father – our, which I made in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in the sports gym of the school Protasio Alves, invited the simple people, who honored me with their care, develop this reasoning: imagine, in general, the greatness of the dimension, physical distances with everything, the limits of the universe can be vibrational man dies, the body is the spirit (or as they like to call), that it can not be confused with the mind, it migrates to another universe that is not (). The mind of the spirit science begins to understand that you intelligence is It has beyond the physical structure, as if there is a psychic brain outside the somatic. Therefore, it is concluded that spiritual essence is not a projection of the human mind and that man is not a body that has a spirit; However, an eternal spirit that possesses a passenger body, as proposed by the world revolution of souls, announced by remembered the LBV, Alziro Zarur, founder in December 1953. Ah!, however someone argues that science does not yet found nothing. However, as stated by the always remembered American astrophysicist Carl Sagan (1934-1996): the absence of evidence doesn’t mean evidence of absence.

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