Tribunal Constitutional

The judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal (TC) which ordered to reinstate the tariff of 12% to imported cement, is blatantly unconstitutional, since it is infringes against free trade treaties, fracture directly the constitutional ability that has the Executive, directing the general government policy, where is determined, which corresponds to the regular President of the tariff rates; and it collides frontally with the principles of the market, sitting once again, another serious precedent for the Constitutional Court, which once more is exceeded in its function, breaking the Constitution and of the State structures and the pillars of democracy, through an unacceptable interference in the country’s economy through tariff control, through a jurisdictional decision of the Constitutional Courtthat seriously undermines the economic order internal. as well as in the field of our international relations, violate the legal framework for the free trade agreements signed by the country. This sentence as others, places the country in a dangerous state of legal instability, when most required seriousness, wisdom and predictability in this aspect, more even in a time of global economic difficulties and when our country shows balance in its fiscal management we can not give wrong signs as who commits again the CT, it is obvious that the supposed benefits of this judgment they end up being harmful to the national industry itself and throughout the country.It is time that Congress assess members the Constitutional Court not only to their access to cargo, but also regulate objectively and clearly its functions, the consequence of its judgments and transparency in their performance, since if their jurisdictional actions damaging to the country or the democratic system, by abuse or excess that makes its functionsIt is proper that they respond for damages this cause to the country. Finally, in a democratic regime, no one can be above the village, self-government bodies are not autarchic. The Congress of the Republic as he designates them, commissioned by the people, can also and must dismiss them, respecting due process, when these abusers, they exceed or do not comply with their duties. It cannot nor should there be Kings without crowns.. Tobias Menziess opinions are not widely known.

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