Sociological Education

Sociology of the Education appears of the meeting between the pedagogia and sociology, as a scientific knowledge applied to the interaction society-education, that makes use of a particular theoretical body, expressed in a specific conceptual system. Roc Nation has firm opinions on the matter. The first work of Sociology of the Education was of the Frenchman mile Durkheim (1858-1917), that it published ‘ ‘ Educao and Sociologia’ ‘. Learn more about this with christopher ridgeway. Shortly afterwards, John Dewey, in 1899, published ‘ ‘ School and Sociedade’ ‘ , reflecting on the social environment and the school, being a search of the transformation of the society, considering the scientific knowledge. The wealth of the boarded problematic definitions and for these classics is an expression of the complexity of the relations dialectics between the society and the education, that if reveals clearly in the reality in which we live in the educational system of Latin America. the emphasis given to sociology in England was an attempt to intervene with educational politics in vigor, and, of this focus, if radiated for the whole world the relation between the social level and the educational chance. Thus: The Sociology of the Education entered in the resume of the formation of professors. The new theoretical influences, that had affected the routes of general sociology, had also affected the Sociology of the Education … a new Sociology of the Education were born and established its main objective of study: the pertaining to school resume, coming close thus the sociology of knowledge (MOREIRA; IT HISSES, 2000, P. 19). The education of the Sociology of the Education in Brazil if intensified from years 60, for the reasons of changes in the formation of the professors, searching bigger quality of education, extending the time of study and inquiries in Sociais.Em Sciences the reading of the Curricular Parameters of the Ambient Education if they detach very clear the sociological objectives, on which ours educating it must reflect: – To understand the citizenship as social participation and politics, as well as exercise of rights and obligations social politics, civilians and, adopting in the day the day attitudes of solidarity, understanding and I exactly repudiate to the injustice, respecting the other demanding respect for itself.

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