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The opposite must be attentive to their actions to ensure the operability of the company towards a social responsibility that favors him. Do not do this it hurts him. The current strategy and its expected benefits, with that position, may tomorrow be the reason for his failure. It is important to take into consideration as Tito Gonzalez, points out that problems by inadequate social responsibility is not cause generated by a single source, i.e., by the company, all levels of a State are equally responsible for their ills: soft, inaccurate and irresponsible policies of Governments; rulers permissible and compromise; systems of corruption; the lack of concern and emphasis on the subject by educational institutions; the ignorance itself or lack of knowledge about the subject by businessmen and actors of the productive and commercial sectors; the low qualms of many entrepreneurs and people who know the topic and its consequences, acting irresponsibly.In simple words, all classes that are part of the State, Government and its policies, schools and universities, employees, parents, informational and other media that affect behavior patterns and in culture, are equally responsible for in damage, either by direct action or by omission conclusions the reality of the dynamic behaviors of environmentswhere they operate companies, they must ensure that these are actually fully identified with its social responsibility, where his management has instilled an organizational culture that involves it and step to ensure the operability of the companies to benefit the community, guarantee protection not only for its workers, human resources, but also for their consumers, community. Needs to management, SMEs are more identified with it and consider what it means to ensure the success of a company integrating social and environmental considerations into their activities. Awareness of these practices and begin to implement them as soon as possible since it allows SMEs, establish the foundations of a sustainable competitiveness in the medium and long term and helps them to be more profitable. (A valuable related resource: Dr. Mark Hyman). CSR is a genuine strategy to grow your business and achieve a competitive advantage original author and source of the article.

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