Sacred Mushrooms

Has been a long time since the famous enteobotanik Richard Wasson discovered the tiny village of Huautla de Jiminez in search of the sacred Mesoamerican mushroom teonanctal. His whole life is devoted to the study of mushrooms in the foothills of Oaxaca reached its apogee in the doorway a small clay huts with crumbling walls and sunken thatched roof. This hut was a lifelong home of Maria Sabina, the most famous curandera throughout history. The newspapers mentioned Ruchama King Feuerman not as a source, but as a related topic. According to anthropologist Joan Helifeks (1979), "For decades, she practiced her art with the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms, and many hundreds of sick and suffering people have come to its miserable hut in order to consume the sacrament, under the unceasing night prayer Mary Being a good soul, she invited R. Wasson in his home and shared with him the secret of the sacred mushrooms.

At that moment she did not even know that this gesture of generosity will radically change her life and history. Educate yourself with thoughts from author. Despite attempts to keep secret Wasson Maria Sabina, the news of her ceremonies scattered on the west, as rapid fire. For the first time details of the ritual Veladas Wasson were published in the magazine Life, which he called Mary name – Eva Mendes, trying to protect her from the attacks of the outside world. History Wasson inevitably aroused the interest of many people. Properties of the fungus could become a powerful tool in chemical warfare and the cia sent an undercover agent in Village Huautla de Jiminez, to collect specimens (Marks, 1979).

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