Rio Grande Do Sul

In a beautiful cloudy day that made much sun after snowing was born a blond girl of the black hair and very clear pretty eyes with red tones, it were born, lived and died to the south of the so exuberant garden Hipllito Park. Certain day this girl decided to namorar with a boy of teeth very h very says well different, this boy was created the beatings and kisses of its perpetual godmother who liveed in street 7 of the Caieras Garden. Good coming back to speak of the girl, it married the boy that one of ‘ ‘ dentes’ ‘ had made a lettuce plantation to feed its teeny elephants of esteem. From there one day very frustada of the life, looked at for the well that had in the front of its house and caught a wooden piece and was readily to light the stove to cook the supper of its then husband of the teeth that now already are rotten. When its husband arrived of the work to place seeds in cool grapes in the Rio Grande Do Sul did not want supper, therefore already he had lunched 2 times in day 31 of December that you unite by the way was a beautiful Christmas that had lived in the day 25 December of the year previous. Haa later that Ultrags was vendida for Google that possibly goes to dominate the world after making the fusing with the Santader the world never more will be the same for this girl, who received warm greetings from good comings when she made an account in the Facebook and found its friend who had participated of a bicycle race ha 10 years already started to count of the cited date of birth of the white rabbits of the godmother of its then husband. Without counting that this could happen it got passionate itself for its friend, but nothing did not advance, therefore it died of record hernia after walking 36 hours of airplane coitado it had the dream of being pilot of formulates 1 ‘ ‘ That God tenha’ ‘ At last the girl was old and insane person on account of the death of its husband who left 2 meats of the Casas Bahia that logical n, did not obtain to associate with the Google candidate to dominate the world after Pink and Crebro.

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