New Acquisition: Today

In a seminar of the acquisition of Kaltenbach training technical sellers learn to inspire new customers for you and your company. Full order books – they are a precondition of success for all providers of technical products and services, irrespective of, whether for them to manufacturing companies, dealer, technical service providers, and craft shops. It is important that their sales staff can identify potential lucrative new customers and win for themselves. “Because with regular customers alone can not fill typically order books in the long term also because a certain customer extinction” is normal. How to identify profitable new customers and for themselves or inspire your company provider of technical products and services, the experienced technical vendors and their superiors in a seminar that Kaltenbach training performs the consulting company specializing in technical sales on 21 February in Bobingen (nearby Aalen, Eastern Wurttemberg). “His title: new customer acquisition: new customers as much as you want and whenever you want.” In the seminar of the day Walter Kaltenbach, who runs the seminar, the participants introduces first several best practices, how they can identify potential new customers.

This building, the participants then develop strategies, how to attract them and delight for your company and its services for their companies. Thereby, also the subject of recommendation marketing plays an important role. So, Walter Kaltenbach participants among other things explains how they animate customers to formulate and speaking of recommendations specifically in everyday sales. This is the overarching aim: the company of participant should always so many new customers in the pipeline have to be independent of economic and quickly compensate also some regular clients way breaking in case of need. “For participation in the seminar of new customer acquisition: new customers as much as you want and when you want” on February 21 in Bobingen must interested 390 euro (plus VAT) investing. For more information contact interested persons and organizations in Kaltenbach training, Bobingen (Tel.: 07173/60 39;) Email:; Internet:). If desired Walter Kaltenbach also in-house conducting the seminar.

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