Change payment button by yours, upload the sales page and the product to your hosting. Now, your only task is to get products with rights of resale of the subject of your interest. And start to resell them. Form No. 3: Special reports.

A special report is an electronic mini-book, of 5 to 12 pages long. Within this mini book should deliver valuable information, but incomplete. And within its content, promote affiliate programs that relate to the special report that you created. Our recommendation is that you give these minilibros. In this way you will be making viral promotion.

If a person reads your content is useful, it is safer to share it with other people. And it is thus propagated virally. Your report must be focused to a market niche specific and focused entirely on the pre-selling affiliate products. Form No. 4: Interviews create products information through interviews is one of the easiest ways of making money online. In fact, it may be the laziest generation of content that exists. Packaging an interview also is easy. You can present the interview as a written transcript, a transcript of audio or both. You can offer a downloadable mp3 file or can record the entire interview to CD, put an attractive label, and sell it. Form No. 5: Video-Seminarios. Do you want to know something interesting about Video seminars? That there are very few!. Here there is a great opportunity, because very few know how to create one. A video seminar, requires advance planning and a willingness to overcome the stage of fear. The average seller avoids the Video-Seminarios because he feels intimidated by the idea of appear and speak in real time. But if you mastered a topic and not afraid of public speaking, you could create and sell video-seminarios. The field is wide open and you could exploit it. With this I end the explanation of the five quickest ways to earn money on the internet! Right it is very easy to make money online? Simply become an expert in only one of the earlier forms of making money online. AND begin achieving those amounts of money that always dreamed of earning on the internet.

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