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NLP teaches us through very interesting resources, to focus more productively in the so-called solutions because many times we are surprised focusing on problems you distresses and fears in everyday concerns chose look teeming with news of catastrophic images, or catch us in the pessimistic discourse of life and the world in this sensethe neuro-linguistic programming contains resources, techniques to work from our mind and our language, in order to stop these harmful mental patterns and make us the habit of focusing exclusively on solutions. NLP and his work with the tots, for example, is very useful to interrupt and change those mental patterns that lead a person to focus on the problem and not the solution. This is the difference that makes the difference between the people of excellence that has been studied so many times they focus correctly usually are part of the solution and not the problem. Hear other arguments on the topic with John Mclaughlin. The do modelos-personas of excellence in many areas and various activities, which can be copiados-modelados through the techniques of NLP, agree just renege on the whys?and embrace the how in all cases? When we passed through a problem, questions such as: Why me happens this right now?Why do these things happen? why me? etc etc do not lead to anything only reinforce limiting beliefs and create excuses. On the other hand, if the attitude is the search solution, forgetting that estado-problema and self-pity the key question is how can I get out of this? how can I do it better? how can I achieve it? This undoubtedly predisposes completely differently and give your mind a better orientation to find it a useful way in the same way if we want to help someone nothing serves tell him all the time: why you has this happened? rather help that person to think together solutions from how how can I help you? how we can solve it together? You can read a very interesting story that will serve you for example about this topic here: > focusing with NLP < and to knowledge of this valuable information related to language, NLP has been effectively investigated language used by people of excellence, who obtained successful results no doubt language is one of the aspects keys to NLP employ language to speak and communicate with each other in a certain way and also employ to tell us about ourselves! And it’s right there when NLP emphasizes that the big difference between being part of the solution and move forward or be part of the problem and stuck what tell us that in what we are focused and we asked ourselves brand! There are NLP resources, such as the questions focused on solutions, or the meta-model of language, with your specific questions, to use the language of so accurate and so information quality questions in NLP, they point to retrieve sensory information of the experience, such as faithfully as possible and as it is lived by the person who somehow gets lost or eroded if we use a language little precise, fuzzy or distorted. .

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