Mercedes C 180 CDI: Saving Is In

Until the end of the year, Mercedes-Benz offers the C 180 CDI BlueEfficiency as action model at 29.990 euros. I’m a progressive. Not even looking at me, you say. Especially if you see me in my new c-class Mercedes. I am but still advanced. Well, the current c-class is since March 2007 on the market and can rely on the main trains on the 1982 featured Mercedes 190. Nevertheless, the c-class looks very fresh and up to date.

Sure, I could have waited a few months until the model care for the mid-size sedan is pulled through. But this offer that has laced Mercedes this year, allowed no further delay. I said, Yes, I’m progressive. That’s why I got my c-class noun ordered est omen in the avant-garde design, powered by the 180 CDI recorded in the model program newly. This Limo is there until 31 12 29.990 EUR to the promotional fixed price. It might be however a bit more for me. A touch of SL avant-garde referred to the more youthful, sportier line of Mercedes, in contrast to the classical elegance line. To recognize, the avant-garde design through the grille is with the large Mercedes star and the lower air intake with the diamond lattice.

This was previously only the sporty models reserved for Roadsters and Coupes. To do this, there are also still quite a bit of chrome, 17-inch alloy wheels in a five-spoke design, a multifunction leather steering wheel, a fine interior lighting, fabric / leather seats and an armrest in the rear with Cup holders. This isn’t free of course for the 180 CDI the Avantgarde line 2360 EUR comes. It must be well worth one, so that you feel in the c-class, as if you’re in the SL. The current c-class since March 2007 on the market and has lost none of its freshness and dynamics as before.

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