Erotic Shopping With Erotic Gift Ideas For Christmas

The adult of toy parties “Private events” by Vivre L amour show how the seduction under the Christmas tree can be made very very sensual in this year. Christmas, the celebration of love. Who wants to celebrate his Christmas in the sense of love very seductive and want to surprise your loved ones with sexy gifts, finds an ideal partner for this at Vivre L amour. Because the erotic of shopping parties of the company have not only a lot of exclusive and high quality sex toys and erotic accessories, but bring many exciting erotic gift ideas for the feast of love. Who has enough socks for Christmas, will enjoy sensual erotic with certainty about something with a fine touch. Vibrators and dildos in fancy variants are as well a clever gift idea for the discerning taste as well spring Santana for delicate and sensual touch. Many erotic gift ideas Christmas heart of the partner or the partner also everything, the erotic adult of toy parties offer shopping by Vivre L offer amour a large selection of sex toys and extravagant accessories for every interest.

And because the erotic shopping at home take place in the circle of a hostess, ideas and tips for erotic Christmas gifts can be exchanged here ever. Erotic Christmas including Karola Porath, owner of Vivre L Amour, excited particularly the Christmas adult of toy parties: “many guests to the private event use our erotic home shopping specifically to select high-quality gifts from the world of erotic alone and outside the public – for example an ordinary sex shop – close to test and ultimately as a gift or for your own use to order. Connected with the Christmas joy, the erotic shopping are met in December by a particularly sparkling mood. Who wants to experience an unforgettable Christmas with erotic gifts, should get toy party his own erotic for the pre-Christmas home.” More details on Vivre L amour and the erotic shopping “Private Events” are available on the website. Company Description Vivre L amour – a pleasant way to live desire – is individual erotic shopping of the sophisticated way in private surroundings. Erotic lifestyle articles can be tested by the guests in peace and without fear of contact and ordered.

The exquisite erotic collection includes unusual and high quality sex toys for more enjoyment, fun and pleasure increase. Erotic products that can stimulate and provide new highlights in very different ways. The exclusive erotic range is complemented with sensuous scents and oils, aphrodisiacs, alluring accessories and gift ideas. All erotic products from quality of manufacturers and combine exclusive design with perfect functionality. The high standards of Vivre L amour bie of the private events ensures impressive and enjoyable shopping experience fun for women or couples. Private events usually held seven days a week between 10 am and 9: 00. Company contact: Vivre L amour Karola Porath Meinekestr. 22 10719 Berlin Tel: 030-34088614 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: orange clou Rinco Albert Holnsteinweg 26 96120 Balcha mountain Tel: 0951-3017137 E-Mail: Web:

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