The Mercedes

In addition to the classical elegance line, Mercedes with the design avant-garde appeals to the sporting core of customers. The Mercedes star emblazoned big radiator grill as we know it only of the Roadster – Coupe models. Downsizing as it should be now but really something advanced, even though it may seem so at first glance. 180 CDI 120 PS diesel engine in a Mercedes c-class. How many other manufacturers also descends Mercedes a little off the high horse. It must be not getting stronger, faster, more powerful.

Downsizing is announced. And where you have initially concerns here that it might lack performance, you will be disabused after the first kilometers. To step on the gas pedal, the c-class neatly pushes forward. The 300 Newton metres of torque are already developing from 1400 RPM. In 10.4 seconds settled the Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h 218 km/h you could drive fast in the best case, if you should because. In addition to the decorative accessories 180 CDI but the engine in the foreground is the C. The name like a little confuse, his is doing but around the 2.2 litre common-rail diesel, services performed in the 200, 220 and 250 CDI. The differences are in power and torque.

120 HP and 300 nm are in the 180 CDI, providing surprisingly spirited driving. However, the positive on this engine is low consumption of five liters per 100 kilometers. Granted the good manners, the motor sounds initially a bit rough, cloaked being diesel not in oversized insulating mats. Run warm, lays down that and is therefore also no limitation for driving comfort. In addition, the engine noise with the vehicle stationary dissolves in air. Eco-start stop function that calls itself and means that the idle the engine itself is turned off. Immediately after pressing the clutch pedal the engine starts again. This happens in the brevity of the moment, when the traffic lights from yellow to green.

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