The Cause

Already the cause of this I shake and never the phenomenon for he himself I think to be the human possible way of affirmation of the nature of the awaken feeling. Therefore, here it is, from the displayed one, the possible reply to second: We are objects of us exactly; e, in 5 theses, we saw that we attribute to objects one meaning becomes it to this, for we ourselves, 6 significant ; The same process I think to occur with the object the one that we judge to be the Other, and nor would have reason thus not to be, a given time had it has accepted to the asseveraes of the previous paragraphs. When we relate the values that we attribute to we ourselves with the attributed values to the Other, also object of our perception; e, when already established the due and necessary valorativa relation, we finish for judging inferiors the values corresponding, I think terms the event of it I shake emotivo then called Shame or Constaint. Certainly it is not to this instant of our reflection that I try to arrive, but to other not less excellent and curious. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Star Guitarist on most websites. For the made reasoning, we are, fortiori, led to conclude that we are not in ownership of a good linguistic statement when we say the same that the young of my comment, what it is: ' ' I have shame of it ' '. Therefore, as we saw, in them he is not possible the shame of the other; before, he remains us only this statement the one that I judge perfectly adequate: I feel shame of what I believe that I am ahead of what I think you to be. Therefore only ahead of you while values for me projected; projected as superior is that I will feel immediate shame of me. Of this if it follows that when more we are not capable to tolerate the meaning for us attributed to we ourselves; also for us rank in relation with those 7 values that they become significant the object of our conscience, we despertamos I believe that a disequilibrium in the emotividade, thus leaving the Trvia 8 for that specific one I shake above-mentioned.

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