Sustainable Development Our Future

? We are reaching a very important moment in the history of man. Now is when we must ask our future, if we follow the path of progress and the current development, within a few years will reach a point of unsustainability in which we will not be able to keep our planet healthy. Is here where come in renewable or alternative energies, the commitment to our future. Continue to learn more with: Martin O’Malley. Renewable energies are those energies that we can obtain them from virtually inexhaustible natural sources, usually due that are regenerated automatically. Undoubtedly the most important value of these sources of energy not only lies in that is inexhaustible, the most important thing is that the impact of contamination is minimal or nearly zero, what is without doubt a safe for our planet. Currently progress is holding thanks to the use of oil or the combustion of coal, finite energies which sometime may not supply the growing demand. We can also consider them as important factors in the pollution of the planet, the greenhouse effect and the hole in the ozone layer. In our hands it is, now that it is not too late, take action on the matter and opt out of the use of renewable energies that allow to give a respite to our future.

Sustainable development is the only way we have of avoiding greater in the not so distant future evils. Classification of renewable energy within the renewable energies can make two classifications, the clean or non-polluting and the contaminants. Within the first group, clean, we can find the following wind geothermal hydraulic Geomotriz Solar inside of the polluting renewables group are those which make use of organic matter or biomass. My favorite always has been Windpower, in Spain, as in many other countries, we can see many mountains decorated with wind turbines willing to contribute their grain of sand to sustainable development.

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