Gyr Energy

But our Sun, like any star, pulling himself to the world, simultaneously repels them, generating around a spatial field. Superimposed on this field even more powerful field generated by the galaxy. Learn more about this with Bethenny Frankel. Therefore, considering the relationship between the two forces acting in the space, the planets have to gradually move away from the Sun, and more and faster. It follows that the duration years on earth must continually increase, on average, no less than a few thousandths of a second per year, and possibly even faster. One can thus assume that a billion years on Earth, the duration will be equal or exceed 400 days, and still chereh 1.5-2 billion years Earth will be released on the modern orbit of Mars and life on it becomes very difficult. Is it always will expand the universe? As part of the observed galaxies and their Metagalaxy clusters are distributed uniformly in space and time. This gives good reason to believe that, at least for the last 10-15 Gyr its dimensions have not changed, ie and Metagalaxy and the universe as a whole are stationary. In a question-answer forum BBC was the first to reply.

It may mean that the universe forces act as expanding space, and compressing it. Expansion of the universe is so slow that in a first approximation, it can be considered stationary. 1mlrd.let for it expands by 10%. The extension is not linear, but in the entire volume, since involved in this process all the galaxies. This is the reason for the uniformly accelerated expansion, but not "dark matter", located somewhere on the periphery of the universe. At the same time, "dark matter" a great weight is dispersed over the entire volume of the universe.

It burned the stars and entire galaxies. Because these objects are only the forces gravity, they exist in the form of neutron stars and black holes and are not accessible to observation. But this does not mean that they play a passive role. A black hole with the mass of an entire galaxy has a field strength of gravity, it can interact with the vacuum pulling it and the virtual particles, transforming them into a substance and thereby compressing the space. Perhaps this is the only way to preserve the balance of matter in the universe. Today scholars recognize that the universe has no boundaries, and will exist forever, constantly expanding. But what prevents, in terms of the proposed hypothesis, assume that the universe existed in the past forever? And then the question arises: what opened in 1965, Penzias and Wilson? It becomes clear that the radiation discovered by them, not an echo of the Big Bang, that is, it is not a "relic." It existed originally, always, and it is the bearer of a vacuum spatial field. And the fact that the temperature of this radiation is not seeking to absolute zero, indicates that the vacuum has energy. Of course, the specific density of this energy is extremely low, but the total amount of space, constituting only in our Metagalaxy several trillion cubic light years, says that the total vacuum energy can be comparable with the energy of all matter in the universe. Perhaps it is this "dark energy" that looking for long-theorists.

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