Character Creation

Ask yourself, and you are free to choose race and class character? Always there if you can create a hero, which will not have to regret? What do you look for in the first place, creating a character, choosing your race and class: the external form, its history or still on the bonuses that will help you in the game? When I first started playing WoW, I have not even thought about the choice of race and immediately took a Forsaken mage. As I was sorry then that the game was not death knight, because This was my favorite character from Warcraft 3. When I created my shaman, I have not been guided solely to external quality and history, and considerate, and to racial bonus: if they can be useful in PvP and PvE? This interesting to me – after all, probably, I'm not the only one who made the first of the character simply under the influence of emotions, and the second – is carefully pondering and taking a practical position. Indeed, many of my friends have Who has the second character, followed exactly this principle. The first heroes were created "for the soul", they were fun to play for the sake of their history, culture and appearance.

The second character selected on the basis of analysis of the following points: The need for class – remember, in bc, when the shamans were just imbami and paladins for the Horde did not have all rocked it shamans and paladins =). Probably, the Alliance was something similar. The effectiveness of race to class – For example, magnetic renounced useless in PvE than the mag-troll with his Berserkers or mag-dwarf with his intelligence bonus. Fashion for the class – for example do not have far to go, get the death knight story and look of the character fades into the background, the game became professional, playing numbers, percentages and ratios Lyrical digression You know, I sometimes think that the newcomers do not smyslyaschie in roleplee and infantrymen entered the first time in WoW, the most real . They do not chase epics for expo, for in order to fulfill all .

They play for real – almost always march of new players in instanced is the mini-rolepley. They are exploring the world Interesting thing, is not it? And most importantly, it is difficult to argue. Otherwise, how can you explain that tauren-hunter – a handful, that very little orc warlocks that gnomes warriors is almost a legend? It seems to me, all precisely because of the racial bonuses. I played a little on the European rp servers, though I far from my colleague Deckven'a in this matter. And there is a completely different balance of power – on the racial bonus is almost no one pays attention, but History of character is valued very highly. For example, a dwarf warrior, the last of the defenders of Gnomeregan, personally cover the retreat of a lost home. Or warlock orc, brought one of the followers and Guldana seeking to get to Outland to personally behold the power of dark magic. Yes, it seems to me that it was racial bonuses to kill freedom of choice and drive the players in the framework of race = class. This is just my opinion, but they are backed by three years of experience in the game.

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