The Power Of Moroccan Cuisine

The Moroccan cuisine is considered one of the most eminent of the world thanks to its international dimension, its wealth and variety. The Moroccan cuisine is the result of many influences, including European, Berber, Arabic and Moorish. This article will focus specifically on the stove and setting Moroccan traditional dishes, pies and various types of breads. Hear other arguments on the topic with Former Maryland Governor. What is characteristic of Moroccan cuisine? The Moroccan cuisine is very famous, especially through the use of natural products. Follow others, such as Rusty Holzer, and add to your knowledge base. First, it should be noted that most Moroccans use natural oils such as olive oil and argan, which are not necessarily everywhere. Also the use of spices like salt and pepper, ginger, turmeric, cumin, saffron or paprika is essential to the cuisine of Morocco.

Furthermore, Moroccans prefer to use herbs and natural herbs like basil, parsley, cilantro, green, marjoram, mint, lemon verbena and za'atar, especially tea and as decoration, in addition to the onion and garlic to add flavor to your recipes. Moroccan cuisine also makes use of different types of meat: chicken, lamb, veal, goat, camel, etc. Also, thanks to its geographical location, a large variety of fish that play an essential role in Moroccan cuisine and offer many developing Moroccan dishes in which fish is the most important element. What are the most famous Moroccan dishes? In Morocco will have the opportunity to enjoy many dishes: First is the couscous, the most famous of all Moroccan dishes. It is the favorite food of most Moroccans on Friday at noon or night Achour (one month after the "ait to adha). There are many types of couscous. For example, there is couscous with seven types of vegetables and legumes, couscous or kourdass with scallops, couscous sugar or Seff, etc.

Also the traditional tagine can be prepared with fish or different types of meat (chicken, lamb, goat, beef or camel), or with legumes and vegetables. In addition, there are many other Moroccan dishes such as tanjya (a delicious stew of beef typical Marrakech), the tablet or meatloaf or fish, baddaz produced from corn grits, the kebabs, etc. Types of traditional Moroccan bread There are many different types of traditional Moroccan bread. The best known is the bread Tafarnout or Afanou (meaning "baked bread" in Berber), prepared in the traditional manner using a traditional oven made of clay. But there are many other types of bread Moroccan r'ghayef as the mlawi, the Harcha, the batbot, etc. Moroccan pastries famous in Morocco will enjoy countless cakes and sweets, as briouates, which is a pastry filled with almonds and scented with rose water. There's also the ghouzal kaab or "horn gazelle ", prepared with a thin dough and stuffed with a mixture of almond, cinnamon and orange blossom water. In addition, I recommend you also try other pastries as fekkas, l'ghroueyba, e'chebbakya, the bahlawa, etc., Whose main ingredients are almonds and walnuts, orange blossom water, honey and sesame. The richness and variety of Moroccan cuisine invites you to come and discover all their flavors and aromas. Meals, beverages, breads and desserts of Morocco are certainly provide a different flavor of the country and will seduce you with its refinement and delicacy. Alojense come to Morocco and one of the fantastic, home to excellent restaurants, or a typical situated in the heart of the medina, two steps of the best Moroccan cuisine mecca. They can also be hosted in a wonderful country where the flavors were bewitched.

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