Social Security

Or is that not suddenly vote in white isn’t it? And he was sworn in as President for insurance, before another militant of Popular action that was Juan Carlos Hurtado Miller. Between 90 and 95, you did a good job as head of the Social Security. But he worked for the Fujimori’s Government. In the 95 year they asked if I was thinking to be a candidate for the Mayor of Lima. And he said on that occasion, which was thinking about it, but that was not safe.

Praise him surrendered at that time Castaneda desmesurados Fujimori, (as shown in a video) in this presidential election of next year a Fujimori candidate, and a candidate there is former Fujimori. And Jaime asked Castaneda if he voted for Fujimori, in the re-election of the 95 year after the coup, and he said yes; but he acknowledges that it was a mistake. Year 96 Castaneda fights with Fujimori, we don’t know because. It seems that Fujimori and Montesinos, began you to have jealousy to Castaneda, because his popularity was rising. Castaneda resigned from Social Security and breaks up with Fujimori. Because Fujimori wanted to privatize Social Security, something that Castaneda did not approve.

Jaime after a batch of commercials, said something hilarious to my mind, he said: well we are again with you. In the first part were with the son of Castaneda, and we are now massacring (to Castaneda) the son wanted to stay to see the program and Ximenita told him: not walking you just the year 2000 Castaneda form his political party national solidarity in 2000 both Mayor Andrade with Castaneda, they were strong, and it seemed that they could win against Fujimori. Toledo did not exist. Lucho Castaneda, already two-time presidential candidate, this would be his third time. The first time was the year 2000. And the second time, when Fujimori falls in 2002. Jaime presents a statistical table that shows how any Mayor manages to be elected President ever: Lucho Bedoya was unable.

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