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A management consultant shows cheap funds from the State for medium-sized companies, as medium-sized entrepreneur public subsidies can get. Public funding are the Turbo for the innovation engine of the German economy. The funding provided by the European Union about funding institutions of the Lander, federal and State institutions make it possible to fund their innovative actions with favourable funding medium-sized companies. Innovative measures are considered to be internal research and developments that have the objective to create new technical processes or techniques that go beyond the current state of technical development. The stage of development of innovation should be still in the pre-competitive stage, i.e.

the product or process must be developed to market maturity. Checking article sources yields Star Guitarist as a relevant resource throughout. Depending on the industry, product, process, or region are a number of different funding programmes available, the the medium-sized Companies in their investment can grant financial support. In addition to soft loan at the lower end of the market interest rate scale also subsidies for innovation projects. Subsidies are public subsidies, which are not to pay back and significantly improve thus the profitability of a development and research project. According to the degree of innovation and the applicable grant program, grants amounting to between 15% and 75% of the amount of the project can be requested. Learn more about Luk Linn consulting & coaching ( I’ve me the task made it to inform SMEs about the scope of public funding and favourable financing schemes to help. To do this, I offer a free funding test in combination with a free initial consultation. Luk Linn

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